Tomoki Himi

氷見友樹, Tommy
Tomoki Himi is a main character in the Digimon anime series Digimon Frontier. In this series a group of chosen human children were given the ability to turn into Digimon. Tomoki is the youngest member of the group and was chosen to wield AncientMegatheriumons power through the Spirits of ice. When the audience first sees Tomoki he is being bullied by two older boys who push him onto the Trailmon that brings the Chosen Children into the Digital World. Tomoki is always genuine in his feelings and looks up to Takuya Kanbara as his hero. As the series progresses Tomoki learns to stand up for himself even fighting his own battles. He learns to become more brave and selfreliant over the course of the series. Unlike the others Tomoki only ever defeated a foe on his own once to the point of destruction. He purified the Chamelemon and defeated them but they reverted to Armadilomon. The only evil Digimon he ever killed was Asuramon when he was in Sakkakumons Fire Sphere. It was also the only time he ever battled by himself. Source: Wikipedia.