Kin Sankaku

金三角, Kinkonkan
Kin Sankaku is one of Tezukas more important villains. Although his roles vary slightly he has carved out a substantial career as the leader of a group of crooks referred to collectively as the Kin Sankaku Gang. Despite usually being cast as a nononsense crime boss he is often portrayed as having some endearing qualities The most likely reason for this is that visually at least he is based on an early childhood friend. Much like Acetylene Lamp Kin Sankaku is modelled after one of Tezukas own classmates in this case Minoru Ishihara the son of the local watchmaker and the very same person in fact who first introduced him to his lifelong love of studying insects. Tezuka credits him with being a big influence on his life and setting him down the path of medicine and sciencethemed manga. The insect book Tezuka borrowed from Ishihara inspired him so much that he changed from a weakwilled boy who literally couldnt kill a bug to one who collected insects and illustrated them skillfully. Ishihara is also the one who introduced Tezuka to the insect known as osamushi. Tezuka was so thrilled with the similarity to his given name Osamu that he started signing all of his art with the kanji for insect mushi appended. He continued to do so despite his school teacher repeatedly telling him to stop and used it as his pen name throughout his career. While his debut and namesake role in the Astro Boy 195268 chapter Crucifix Island 1958 is probably his most famous Kin Sankaku has also been prominently featured in Black Jack 197383 The ThreeEyed One 197478 and Rainbow Parakeet 198182. In Japanese Kin Sankakus name is made up of the kanji kin meaning gold and sankaku meaning triangle. So his name in English is quite literally Golden Triangle. While the exact origins of the name are unclear given Kin Sankakus debut as a gangster it could be intended as a reference to the Triads of Chinese organized crime. Another possibility is that it is a reference to the novel Le triangle dor 1917 in the Arsene Lupin series by Maurice Leblanc. Tezuka was a fan of the series and the famous thief shows up in many of his early works and later inspired him to create the Rainbow Parakeet. With his dark sunglasses large round lips and twirly moustache/goatee combo giving him a vaguely and somewhat stereotypical Chinese appearance Kin Sankaku is easy to pick out of a crowd. Source: Tezuka In English