フランケンシュタイン, Dr. Frankenstein, フランケン・シュタイン, Dr. Smith, Dr. Schnitzel, Dan Matsuma, Yutaira of Kawahone, Morozov, Professor Jindai, Hyojisai
Despite his stark appearance however Frankenstein is no lumbering simpleton. Instead he is another of Tezukas cadre of mad scientists who is a master of his trade. Often cast in leadership roles as a scientist a general or a respected professor he usually has a harsh lesson to teach. Frankenstein followed up his first appearance in Men with Tails 1949 with a role in Next World 1951 as a research scientist with his famous name. However he has also had memorable performances as a virtuoso violinist in Black Jack 197383 and a biology professor with an axe to grind in Rainbow Parakeet 198182 among several others. Almost as imposing as his famous namesake Frankenstein is a large hulk of a man with an extremely long somewhat monstrouslooking face. Source: Tezuka In English