Miria Katsuragi

Miria Katsuragi is a Youko whose goal is to enter the Tenko Family through Yuuna Yunohana. Shes a member of the Eastern Forces that serve the Tenko Family. Miria is shown to be a dutiful and serious individual but is also still childish. She desires to become part of the Tenko Family and is willing to use any opportunity to do so. However she has displayed a considerate side when she decides not to reveal Yuunas true identity as a Tenko after seeing how happy Yuuna is in the Yuragisou with her friends. This side of her is seen again when she chooses to help Yuuna and some of her friends despite Yuuna being chased by Ouga Makyouin a Yatahagane under the suspicions she is an evil entity called Garandou. She also has a fair amount of pride like disliking being called a bakekitsune and was shocked if not also annoyed at Koyuzus skills in transformation and possession which is something she also excels at.