井宿, Houjun Ri, 李 芳准
Chichiri ? a wandering monk has trained for several years with Taiitsukun the creator. A 24 yearold native of a village on the Shry River near the northern KnanKut border he variously wields a shakuj staff kasa hat and kesa mantle to fight and employs various magical techniques taught by Taiitsukun the first of which was the ability to form a barrier around himself. His true name is Houjun Ri Ri Hjun? born under the star Well . As the oldest and wisest of all of the Suzaku warriors Chichiri thinks of himself as the older brother who looks after them all. Appearing superficially lighthearted he can put on super deformed chibi frivolity or suddenly be very serious and grim. While Tamahome and Hotohori are the obvious leaders Chichiri is the everstaunch adviser and supporter from behind the scenes always willing to help when needed. Unconcerned with his own mortality or with earthly desires he has a Zen masters detached attitude. He habitually ends many sentences with the emphatic phrase no da translated as ya know in the animes English version omitted in the English dub. Source: Wikipedia