Fate Testarossa

フェイト・テスタロッサ, Fate T. Harlaown
Name: Fate Testarossa Fate Testarossa Harlaown End of As StrikerS Age: 9 Nanoha As 12 End of The Movie 2nd As 15 End of As 19 StrikerS 23 ViVid 25 Force Eye Color: Burgundy Hair color: Blonde Intelligent Device: Bardiche Assault Rank: S+ StrikerS Captain Lightning Unit Lightning One Fate first appears with Arf and Bardiche materializing in the town in search of Jewel Seeds. It is soon apparent that even Fate does not know why she is looking for these specimens of Lost Logia the series term for ancient magical artifacts but she does not care stating I must get them because my mother wants them. Fate is not impressed by her young naive rival Nanoha and tells her that her quest is worthless but Nanohas steadfast dedication to reforming Fate gets to her heart and she begins to wane. However this does not impress Fates mother Precia Testarossa who tortures the girl just for not getting all the Jewel Seeds. Fate remains loyal despite Arfs protests she remembers a time when Precia was kind and stable and thinks that the Jewel Seeds will cure her mothers insanity. Fate teleports to her home from the top of an office building with complicated coordinates and a bit of magic. She lives in a gloomy hideout in the Garden of Time with her mother and Arf sharing a room with the latter. She appears in the city whenever she senses a Jewel Seed as she has no school and nothing else to do. This is also the reason why she spends much of the series transformed.