Medusa, Snake
Apas is the third daughter of the true medusa and that of a human girl and the one most likely to succeed her due to her high purity blood line which allow her to take human form and disguise the fact that she is a medusa although she is capable of taking the traditional medusa appearance. She originally ran a large clan of snake like species in Egypt that ran a racketeering scheme with the Egyptian government for young human girls to eat. After she was discovered by Mo Fan she initially feigned ignorance but when the truth was finally revealed. She intended to make Mo Fan her slave but he was saved by the Nine Spectral Empress. She was then given the choice of death or enslavement. She chose the latter. She continually voices her displeasure at the lifestyle is forced to endure and often quarrels with both him and Ling Ling. After Mo Fan and Co. avenged the death of her mother at the hands of her elder sister Eurielle she became more reasonable and friendly to those around her. Despite her steadfast and arrogant attitude she is quite easily bought off with womanly things like food or fashion.