Ai Tu Tu

Ai Tu Tu is a friendly girl with a flirty and mischievous attitude. She is very confident often putting herself or Mu Nu Jiao in uncomfortable positions due to her quick actions. She is the younger sister of Ai Jiang Tu a young prominent military mage. Ai Tu Tu is good friends with Mu Nu Jiao. She meets Mo Fan when browsing for a new apartment. She convinces Mu Nu Jiao to live together with Mo Fan in the apartment. Ai Tu Tu impersonates Mo Fan at a high risk team competition as she wants to experience the adoration Mo Fan naturally gets. She tarnishes Mo Fans name due to inability and expects Mo Fan to blow up in anger however he is most calm about the whole situation. He later defends Ai Tu Tu as the teammates she participated with as they yelled and insulted her harshly. During the Kraken Invasion she was with Mu Nu Jiao when Mo Fan came with Azure Dragon and when Mu Nu Jiao recognized him she teased her saying its not the time to be thinking about him.