チコリータ, Chikorita, Germignon, Endivie
Chicorita is a small pale green Pokmon with dark green buds around its neck. Its head is large in proportion to the rest of its body and it has big red eyes. It has four short legs with a single nailed toe on each and a stubby tail. On top of its head is a large green leaf that is usually longer than its body. A soothing aroma wafts from the leaf which can calm battling Pokmon. The leaf is also used to sense temperature and humidity. Chicorita actively seeks out and enjoys the suns warmth. Chicorita can be found in grasslands. However due to its status as a starter Pokmon a wild Chicorita is hard to come by and it is generally found under the ownership of Trainers. Chicorita has a docile nature. Source: Bulbapedia