Domon Ishijima

Age: 16 Bloodtype: O Birthday: May 5 Taurus Madougu: Dosei no Wa quotThe Ring of Saturnquot Kuchibashi Oh quotBeak Kingquot Tetsugan quotIron Ballquot Domon is Recca039s schoolmate who is known for his prowess in physical strength and in fighting he is referred to as Ogre Oni by other students that he has defeated in fights. Like Fko has always wanted to defeat Recca and the reason behind this is that Fko told him that he could only challenge her if he manages to defeat Recca. He is unable to defeat Recca despite his numerous attempts and he eventually aids the latter in defeating and rescuing Fko when she is brainwashed by Kage Hshi. Afterward both he and Fko join forces with Recca and remain allied with him throughout the rest of the series. However he is never able to do so and ends up befriending and joining forces with Recca. Domon wields the Dosei no Wa quotThe Ring of Saturnquot a madogu which enhances his physical strength. Later in the series he also wields the Kuchibashi Oh quotBeak Kingquot a supersharp snapping claw on an extendable chain and the Tetsugan quotIron Ballquot which transmutes his entire body into a living iron golem for brief periods. Domon is depicted as someone who is physically strong with matching endurance even before acquiring his Madogu but intellectually inept. Another of his assets is his strong willpower which is recognized even by one of the series039 antagonists Kurei after Domon manages to thwart Noroi039s efforts to erase his memories due to his willpower. Domon is also at times something of a pervert though his attribute actually proved useful against his fight with Kirin. It is openly shown that Domon is interested in Fko romantically although he is prone to getting attracted to other women as well.