Anemone is the 17yearold pilot of another Nirvash LFO typeTheEND. She is regularly accompanied by her strange and overweight pet Moler named Gulliver. Dewey assigns Dominic to be her caretaker to monitor her condition as his plans develop. She regularly suffers from painful headaches nosebleeds and emotional instability most of which can be temporarily treated with a kind of drug made from a plasma extracted from Eureka injected into a receptor in her neck. Despite her past trauma she acts as if she is glad of what Dewey made her into. In her drugged state Anemone is almost unbeatable in the skies with TheEND. Renton and Eureka initially have trouble fighting with her even with the Nirvash. Thanks in part to her more advanced LFO Anemone can outfly most regular LFOs. Source: Wikipedia