Akito Hayama

Age: 11 At the Beginning of the Series Birthday: October 12 Blood Type: B Likes: Sushi Akito is characterized as a lonewolf because he is quiet reserved and likes to keep himself at a distance from everyone. He carries with him a burden of blame from his family for the death of his mother which he did not cause. But because of his troubled past and problems at school Akito is maliciously referred to as a devil by his family. As the ring leader of a vicious group of hooligans Akito and his thugs spend their days bullying the school. But things started to change when Sana came along he became more nicer and stopped his bullying with the girls in his class. Akito has a hard time expressing his feelings especially to someone he cares about and often shows anger with any personal problem. Most of his behavior can be traced to his troubled family life. Source: kodocha.tv