Youko Hazama

Youko Hazama is the mother of Shouko Hazama. Later in the series she is chosen as the caretaker for Canon Memphis eventually adopting Canon as her second daughter. Years before the events of the anime Youko was one of many of Tatsumiyajimas adults caught in the sterilization of Japan caused by the Seto Inland Sea Mir. In the ensuing chaos surrounding Japan Youko was afflicted with extreme radiation sickness as a result of the many attacks on the country resulting in harsh symptoms when not under the protection of Tatsumiyas own Mir. After becoming a part of Japans Arcadian Project and making a life on Tatsumiya Youko was chosen as a suitable parent by the Albericht Organization adopting her daughter Shouko in the process. She works as a science teacher in the school when not working in the Alvis hangars. Source: Alvis