Muraku Houjou

法条ムラク, Violet Devil
As the captain of his platoon Muraku tends to be calm and collected preferring to be levelheaded about his decisions instead of rashly heading into anything new. He chooses his words carefully and is an efficient organizer and tactician. Nonetheless his quietness occasionally comes off as a rigid sort of formality. He is incredibly adept when it comes to battling with LBXs shown when he won first place among the entire student body for five weeks in a row and how he caused two of Harukis former players LBXs to become lost in the same battle. Despite his skill in battle Muraku is polite and poised when it comes to interacting with others. He also cares about his teammates seeing as how he ordered his platoon to retreat instead of allowing them to become lost. His teammates in turn wholeheartedly respect his position as their captain and say that they would back his decision in any situation.