Shidou Tennouji

天王寺獅童, Doujikiri Yasutsuna
Tennji Shid is a third year student at Tottori Hakurou High School as well as the captain of its sumo club. He has won the title of High School Yokozuna in individual bouts during his first and second years. He is also the winner of the AllJapan Championship during his second and third years. hid is a very large well endowed young man. He has very intimidating sharpblue eyes and wild blue hair. Like many of the National Treasures he emits a scary aura that overwhelms his opponents. He wears a variation of Tottori Hakurou Sumo Clubs standard mawashi which is dark blue in color with a single red stripe on the left side. Shid typically wears a white jacket over his shoulders when he is not competing in matches. In the preview to ep.21 he admits that he actually does have eyebrows but because they are very close to the top of the eye lid folds they are hidden from view most of the time. When he was in middle school Shid was actually a lot smaller than many sumo wrestlers around him and his hair was shorter and less wilder.