Jian Tian

Ou Ken , King Ou Ken
King Ou Ken is the 8th and current King of the state of Qi. He is an old friend of Sai Taku Qins highest diplomat. Appearance : Ou Ken has a long goatee with slick black hair. He is seen with regal court robes which look eccentric and strange to add to this strangeness he is also frequently seen having a snake in his mouth. Personality : Ou Ken has a strange personality and an observant mind. Sai Taku describes him as peculiar and difficult to read. He is not above being bought out and sees war as an opportunity to profit greatly. He appears to have a taste for dried snakes as a delicacy. He is loyal to old friends as he easily recalled his troops when Sai Taku made a better offer. He is also a man of principles as he explained to Ei Sei when meeting him that one of the reasons he withdrew from the Coalition was due to the distaste at the thought of the remaining states devolved into a pack of dogs fighting over scraps after Qin is annihilated. Due to his experience of residing over a much reduced state of Qi after the first Coalition war he was convinced that there would be no end to the Warring States if there is no answer to how to end the bloodshed permanently due to the lack of long term effect of perpetual force. It was not until Ei Sei laid out his vision of one kingdom united by laws above both commoners and nobles that he began to see a possible exit to the Warring States Period.