六合, Saiki
Rikugou039s primary role is to be the oncall bodyguard to Seimei but he will leave Seimei039s side to aide Masahiro should he be ordered to. Rikugou039s sense of loyalty is so strong that he was willing to put aside his doubts regarding Masahiro039s abilities and accepted him as Seimei039s successor on little more than his master039s assurances. He differs from the other Sheishou in that he rarely use magical attacks preferring instead to fight opponents head on with a barbed spear. Rikugou can also use his cape as a shield and create an explosive 360 degree shock wave of air by striking the ground with his weapon. He also has a chain that was used against a 039controlled039 Guren but Guren overpowered him. Rikugou is a man of few words and only speaks when he must. The only way to notice any change in his emotions was through his eyes. This began to change however after he met Kazane whom he fell in love with.