Ju Ko Ou

Ju Ko Ou ,Sage of Juuko
Ju Ko Ou is a strategist of Chu who stations in the city of Juuko. He is known under the moniker Sage of Juuko. Ju Ko Ou is wearing casual robes and decorated hat. he is a short middleage men with long black hair mustache and a goatee. Like the rest of Juukos general he isnt loyal to Chu he is also a warmonger type. Unlike Sentoun and Manu who easily gets excited like the arrival of great general Moubu he wasnt interested until it reach to the point When the arrival of Wei army join hands with Qin army. He was more interested on strategies and tactical manevure when he deciphered Go Hou Meis decisions to ordered three armies to attack GenU forces tactically. Despite being the strategist of Juuko he has great confidence with his fellow generals of Juuko that his tactics and strategy isnt much needed as each of them were Great Generals from minor nations. He has a habit of drinking Tea in the midst of battle with a special design High Tower Tea Table and Customize Tower seat to look at the Scene. He laughed at QinWei army for being overly optimistic even when Juukos being heavily pressured from pincer attack.