Kai Meng

凱孟, Gai Mou, The raging bull
Gai Mou is an easy going laidback General who only goes on the battlefield if he finds someone interesting to duel. He is very boastful to the point of even saying lies about his strength. He also appears to be rather dense often having his lieutenant Jun Sou chiding him on his incompetence. An example of this is shown when he misinterprets Jun Sous explanation about Shin going as far to assume Shin killed Ou Ki and Kyou. Another example of his simpleminded attitude is when he yelled his name and rank at the Hi Shin Unit in hopes of having a one on one duel with Shin at the risk of giving away his location to everyone which was ultimately successful. Gai Mou is also rather lecherous as seen when he is indulging himself with four girls claiming to be making up for 14 years of being imprisoned before clashing with the Hi Shin Unit. He is later seen with them again when he questions Ka Ryo Ten after having some action with his concubines. Philosophically he sees Ren Pa and Ou Kis opinion of war as a struggle of dreams and sentiments as a delusion meant to disguise the slaughter for what it really is. Thus he concludes that war is just a practice where the strong slaughter the weak. With this Ou Ki and Ren Pa never took his challenges to duel him seriously and would withdraw as he didnt have a reason to fight that was worthy enough for them to consider. Source: Kingdom wiki