Race: XenosHeight: 167 cm 56 Affiliation: Xenos Ouranos Level: 5 estimate Lyd is a Lizardman Xenos. As a Xenos Lyd is far more intelligent and powerful than a normal monster. He is one of the strongest Xenos being on par with a first class adventurer. Lyd has red scales and orange eyes. He wears a full set of armor wields a scimitar and a longsword. Lyd is an openhearted and friendly individual quickly warming up to Bell who he met for the first time even giving him a nickname. As one of the three leaders of the Xenos Lyd cares deeply for his kind and will go to great lengths to protect them. Like most of the Xenos he has a strong desire to live on the surface with people. When he heard that Wiene was living with people Lyd felt a glimmer of hope that things could change for the Xenos and was extremely happy to meet said people in person. When he heard the fate of Ranyes group as well as the capture of Wiene and Fear Lyds desire was one of the few things that prevented him from immediately succumbing to rage. Ever since their first meeting Lyd has highly treasured his friendship with Bell. He instructed Bell to not hesitate when it came to killing monsters even if they were a Xenos as he didnt want Bell to die. When Gros and the other Xenos desired revenge against the surface dwellers for the deaths of their brethren Lyd tried to use Bell as an example that not all adventurers were bad. When Lyd saw Bell on the eighteenth floor he got Bell away from the battle and told him to stay away afraid that the boy would eventually betray him. When Bell declared that the Xenos were worthy of being saved during a battle against Dix Perdix his words enabled Lyd to fight against the effects of Dixs curse and save Bell. While a plan was being made to return the Xenos that were stranded on the surface back to the Dungeon Lyd expressed remorse for putting Bell and his familia through even more trouble. He agreed with Wiene that the Xenos would come to aid of the Hestia Familia whenever they needed it.