Shouichirou Yukimura

Birthday:Feb 1
Blood Type:A
Height: 164 cm The Vice President of the Student Council Shouichirou Yukimura tries to help Misaki where he can and enjoys office routine. At first he like the rest of the student council is fearful of Misaki but he eventually comes to be on fairly close terms with her and Usui. Yukimura is hardworking earnest and capable of doing most administrative work but is not athletic in the least especially in comparison to Misaki and Usui. His gentle almost feminine demeanor and slight stature make him appear somewhat weak a fact he is sensitive about. He039s both terrified and awed of Usui after Usui kisses him as a quotreward for his hardworkquot a ruse to restore Misaki039s confidence. Yukimura has a sevenyearold sister named Rui.