Yuuji Ayukawa

Intersexed at birth, Yuuji's parents opted to reassign his gender as "male". Now he's a timid and girlish medical research student in his late 20s. Having lived on his own during university, Yuuji learned to cook, sew and clean up after himself. When he's not being a domestic God(dess) he's usually got his nose in a book. Yuuji is ridiculously intelligent and loves reading books about mythology in his spare time. While an employee of Endou Chemical under Tadokoro, Yuuji is pressured into participating in experimental drug therapy which has some rather unexpected affects on his body. Not only does the drug cause his original intersex gender to be restored, it renders Yuuji able to bear offspring to both human and dinosauroid males. Understandably, he's not thrilled about his new parts or the new role he has to play in everyone's schemes for procreation and/or world domination. (source: http://www.aragami.org/primer.php)