ヘカテー, 頂の座, Master Throne, The Priestess, The Great Priestess, Princess of Stars, Nüwa
One of the Trinity of Bal Masqu entitled as The Priestess. Members of Bal Masqu refer to her as Our Great Priestess and Margery Daw refers to her as Princess of Stars. During the creation of the Great Binding Chain in ancient times she went by the name Nwa. Hecate is a sad quiet and somewhat emotionless character who has taken up the habit of prayer despite having no one to pray to and Bel Peol considering it an odd thing to do and frequently laments that she is empty. In the light novels it is implied that Hecate is praying to Bal Masqus god Snake of the Festival. Hecates emptiness is a result of her lack of sense of self. Her position is very important with respect to what the Bal Masqu plans to do with the Reiji Maigo since she is the one who can take the power of Reiji Maigo and send it out to everything in Seireiden. In contrast to her counterpart in the anime the light novels depict Hecate as a cold and feared leader that even the entirety of Bal Masqu fears her. She has a hobby of trekking up mountain tops yet she despises mountain climbers who litter her favorite sites so she slaughters them on sight.