Takeru Takaishi

高石タケル, T.K.
Birthday: August 3 T.K. is the youngest DigiDestined out of the core seven. He is gentle sweetnatured and generous. He is also obedient and follows the DigiDestineds lead without complaints. He is also described as Kari Kamiyas equal. T.K. is the only DigiDestined to not attend the same school as the rest of the DigiDestined initially due to living in Sangenjaya instead of Odaiba. He is younger brother of Yamato but lives with his mother journalist Natsuko Takaishi instead due to a divorce between their parents. Although T.K. was too young to remember the events of the divorce clearly he is still affected by it and does not like to openly talk about it. Despite the distance between T.K. and Yamato he admires Yamato greatly and tries to be brave to impress him although he begins to open up to the other DigiDestined as well particularly Taichi. In the sequel Digimon Adventure 02 T.K. and his mother relocate to a new apartment building in Odaiba where he becomes neighbors with Iori Hida and Miyako Inoue. Although he has gotten remarkably taller his gentle personality has not changed and it makes him popular with the girls at school. He is also said to have inherited reliability from Yamato. In addition to this T.K. becomes the star player on his schools basketball team.