Black★Rock Shooter

ブラック★ロックシューター, B★RS, ブラックロックシューター, Empress (エンプレス)
Birthday:Sep 22
Height: 163 cm BlackRock Shooter is the titular character and main protagonist of many projects including the anime OVA BlackRock Shooter the RPG of the same name the anime series and the manga BlackRock Shooter Innocent Soul. She was an original concept created by huke who participated in the release of the song BlackRock Shooter by supercell. She is voiced by Kana Hanazawa in the OVA and anime and by Maaya Sakamoto in the PSP game. Her weapons consist of a blackhilted katana later named as Black Blade and a large gun called rock Cannon. BlackRock Shooter is given a personality in the OVA: she is depicted as a calm and collected girl not speaking at all until her confrontation with Mato. She also does not focus on anything except the most important thing she has to do at the moment. She is shown to be very skilled in fighting BlackRock Shooter in the anime seems to be more brutal than any other BRS incarnation