Kizuna Hyuuga

Kizuna seems very outgoing hyper and like Chiyo of Miator a bit of a klutz. She spends a lot of time with Chikaru Minamoto and Remon Natsume making her a part of the Transformation and Secret Clubs. She tends to be very expressive in her actions and words not wasting any chance to introduce herself to someone new. Additionally she may be in an intimate relationship with Remon though this is still uncertain. What is certain is that they sometimes share a bed which admittedly is no firm indicator of physical intimacy in this series that they are often depicted holding hands or touching and that they have kissed at least once in front of an unimpressed Chikaru. This latter act may have been no more than her way to cheat and win a thumb wrestling match although the fact that this act distracted Remon sufficiently might be telling in and of itself. Source: Wikipedia