Ayako Mano

Granddaughter of Chiaki Mano and cousin to Yohko Mano. She was trained by Chiaki Mano to defeat Yohko and become the true 108th Devil Hunter. Ayako shares a very similar appearance to Yohko thus making them look like twins. However Ayako has lighter hair and her eyes are a bit more narrow than Yohkos and her Devil Hunter uniform is black not red. She is the wielder of the Whip of Destruction which she uses at its full potential. Together with Azusa 2 she had planned to take the Devil Hunter title from Yohko and claim it as her own. However they joined forces to fight a very powerful demon one Ayako had accidentally released which temporarily shook her confidence. Afterwards Ayako decided she needed more training and left to improve herself parting with her cousin on more amiable terms. Wikipedia