Musubi Susono

After a police action in which she loses her parter Clawsa Susono is removed from the police force and ends up buying a weird sword Gravitational Beam Emitter in a quotWarshopquot. Trying to find out the truth she goes back at the scene and finds her partner being transformed into a quotdemonquot by quotThe Orderquot. Her swords activates and she manages to kill everybody and save herself. That makes her a target of the assassins sent by The Order. She ends up being killed and her consciesness transfered in the Netwire. The Safeguards of the Netwire revive her and are trying to use her as a weapon agains the Order by brainwashing her and giving her a new silicon body. But she doesn039t want to cooperate in creating their newly organized world and after waking up she goes after the Order herself. But she039s too late it039s the beginning of the end of humanity and the birth of the Megastructure and the world of chaos.