Kato Narumi

鳴海加藤, Minghai

A young and kind man from Japan who's also an expert of kung-fu. He has one day discovered that he had contracted the Zonapha syndrome, an illness that provokes respiratory issues and unbearable pain. A victim of the Zonapha syndrome cannot heal but the crisis can be avoided if the victim makes people laught. So, Narumi decided to become a clown in order to survive but unfortunatly, he's terrible at it. He one day met Masaru who was the only child to laught at his jokes and when he saw that the boy was in trouble, he decided to help him. Eventually (volume 3)

he dies in the process

Later on (volume 7)

We learn that in fact, Narumi survived. Even though he has lost his right arm and his memories, he became kind of immortal thanks to a guy named Guy, who made him drink a substance named Aqua vitae. Slowly but surely, Narumi loses his humanity and becomes a monster who only live in order to destroy the Automatons.