Yui Kisaragi

Yui is a young woman with long purple hair that falls to her posterior. She keeps it tied in a high ponytail which appears to be flowing to the left. A large bang with several gaps in between covers her forehead with two much longer ones elongating to the top of her chest. She has big purple eyes encompassed by thick eyelashes. Yui has small eyebrows along with small lips a small nose and an ovalshaped face. Yui dons a darkyellow small jacket covering her arms entirely and reaching past her chest. Underneath noted garment is a white shirt that covers her upper body and is tucked inside a kilt spotting a lined pattern colored yellowed and red. A small brown belt circles her waist. Around her neck a red tie is located. Yui wears long white stockings that cover a big portion of her thighs and legs. Her footwear is that of two brown boots spotting several straps surrounding them.