Usagi Tsukino

月野うさぎ, Serena, Princess Serenity, Sailor Moon, Usako, Buns, Meatball Head, Bunny, Odango

Name Meaning: Rabbit of the Moon
Birthday: 30 June
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O
Family Members: Kenji (Magazine Editor), Ikuko (Dedicated Housewife), Shingo (Fifth Grade)
Interests: Sleeping, Eating, video games, manga
Favorite Colors: Pink, White
Favorite Class: Home Economics
Least Favorite Class: English, Math
Favorite Foods: Ice Cream, Cake
Least Favorite Food: Carrots
Hopes To Go To: Chateau de Versailles
Pet she wants to raise: A pure white rabbit
Dislikes: Dentists, Ghosts, Lightning
Motto: A sleeping child grows up!
Favorite Stone: Diamond

The main character of the series, called Serena in the English dub (nicknamed Bunny in the manga). Usagi is a carefree schoolgirl with an enormous capacity for love, and transforms into the heroine called Sailor Moon. At the beginning of the series she is portrayed as an immature crybaby who hates having to fight, however over the course of the series you come to know her sweet and selfless side. Usagi is a bit selfish and very much a crybaby, lazy, clumsy, and also an academic underachiever. She’s also not very good at cooking. However, she cares deeply about her friends and family. Usagi is a very trusting, and believes that everyone had a better nature. She doesn’t believe in killing innocent humans, even when they had been transformed into vicious monsters, and always seeks ways to heal them instead. Usagi matures a great deal through the series, and even though she is still prone to some childish behavior and bouts of silliness, she becomes a capable young woman.

Usagi is the present incarnation of the Moon Princess Serenity, who was awakened as Sailor Moon.