クロノ, Chrono,The Sinner,Killer of 100 Demons

Name: Chrono; Chrno Age: At least 54 years old. Age appearance: 12 in his child form, 20 in his adult form Height: 145 cm. (in his child form) Place of origin: Pandaemonium Favorite word: "Yes!" Likes: Following Rosette's leadership, being in the company of humans Dislikes: Getting into trouble because of Rosette, being abused by her, seeing her suffer, carrots.

Chrno was once a high-ranking, powerful demon, but now he's considered a traitor by those of his own kind. He betrayed the demon society to follow Aion's dream of freedom, however, their different ideas soon separated them. He lost his horns, the source of his power, and accidentally killed Magdalene, the woman he loved, by using her lifetime. Chrno was sealed inside a tomb for 50 years before meeting Rosette and made a contract with her at her request. Despite the deadly bond that ties the both of them, he deeply cares about her and serves her unconditionally. While he is basically a very peaceful person, he can be very aggressive towards anybody who tries to hurt her. He can be kind, caring and patient, though Rosette's antics sometimes make him lose his temper. He has very strong emotions, and can be very dangerous when he gets angry.