アイオーン, The Sinner
Name: Aion Aliases: quotThe Sinnerquot Age: Unknown Age Appearance: 20 years Place of origin: Pandaemonium Personality traits: Cunning charismatic thoughtful Background: An ambitious powerful demon that betrayed Pandaemonium the demon society to follow his dream of freedom. He was tired of Pandaemoniums oppressive system so he killed the demon queen mother of all demons and being a natural charismatic leader he escaped to earth with other demons who also shared his dream of liberty. Aion trusted Chrno and depended a great deal in his abilities as a fighter but he did not agree with some of Aions ideas and soon left his side to be with Magdalene. Chrnos betrayal hurt Aion very deeply and though he seems to enjoy making him suffer hes still ready to accept him as an ally if he ever decides to join his cause again. Aion sincerely cares about his followers and wants the best for them but he is also willing to sacrifice them if that helps him achieve his ultimate goal: the total destruction of Pandaemonium the demon society and the rebirth of the world. Aion considers humans as mere tools and doesnt really care about the future of humanity. Despite his great intelligence and resourcefulness Aion has a weak point: his deep hatred and fear of Pandaemonium the demon society which affects him to the point of becoming a real obsession. He seems to have some hidden feelings for the demon queen that are far deeper than what most people suspect. Though most people consider Aion as a hopelessly cruel villian he is in reality a very noble person underneath whose tragic past has turned him into somebody obsessed with achieving his greatest dream not caring about the means nor the consequences. He is very respected among his followers who are willing to die for him.