Azmaria Hendric

アズマリア・ヘンドリック, Az
Full Name: Azmaria Hendric Birthdate: March 12 1914 Age: 12 Height: 141 cm. Weight: 37 kg. Family: Parents both deceased adoptive father Ricardo Hendric. Place of origin: Fatima Portugal Likes: Singing Dislikes: Ghosts Favorite word: quotSorryquot Personality traits: Quiet peaceful very mature for her age. Azmaria was born in Fatima Portugal but she went to the U.S. at a very young age after losing both her parents in World War I. She traveled across the country with a band of singers until she was adopted by Ricardo Hendric a demon tamer who wanted to use her powers to revive his dead wife Melda. She was rescued by Rosette and Chrno and was taken in by the Magdalan Order for her protection. She is a kind and sweet girl who looks up to Rosette and is good friends with Chrno not really caring that he is demon. Since the supernatural powers she has have always been a real source of despair for her and the cause of many tragedies in her life she has grown to be a very weak submissive girl afraid to fight for herself. Meeting Rosette and Chrno was a turning point in her life and she is determined to change and become a brave person like Rosette who she really admires. Despite being only 12 she is very mature and usually helps her best friends to get along with each other. Has a very beautiful soprano voice that has the ability of healing people. She is one of the 7 heavenly apostles she is the apostle of charity.