Satella Harvenheit

サテラ・ハーベンハイト, Satera, Hexen Der Juwel, The Jelwery Witch
Full Name: Satella Harvenheit Birth date: June 10 1905 Age: 19 Height: 172 cm. Weight: 50 kg. Measurements: B 91 W 60 H 87 cm. Family: Parents both deceased older sister. Country of origin: Germany Likes: Young boys Dislikes: Demons/Devils Personality traits: Confident and a little arrogant yet very generous underneath. Background: A jewel witch or jewel summoner who works as an independent demon exterminator. She was born in Germany from a very wealthy family and traveled to the U.S. after losing her parents in the hands of a hornless demon who destroyed her house and kidnapped her only sister 10 years ago. She is very rich and appears to be a little arrogant but she is actually a kind and lonely woman searching for her dear older sister Florette her only family member. Her only companion is her family?s old butler Steiner. She has a strong temper and constantly fights with Rosette yet they?re very good friends at heart. Though Satella would never admit it she really admires Rosette and is inspired by her determination and attitude towards life. She is attracted to young boys and finds Chrno to be specially cute. She also enjoys teasing Rosette by flirting with Chrno who really doesnt like it and desperately avoids her much to her annoyance.