Ewan Remington

ユアン・レミントン, Father Remigton
Full Name: Ewan Remington Birthdate: Unknown Age: Unknown Age appearance: 27 years old Height: 183 cm. Weight: 68 kg. Place of origin: United States Likes: Flirting Dislikes: Demons Personality traits: Friendly calm and controlled despite the situation. Background: A firstclass militia and a very influential member of the Magdalan Order. His age appearance is of a man of 27 but he039s certainly older than what he looks. Remington was the one who took Rosette and Chrno to the Magdalan convent in NY and took the role of their protector constantly keeping a close eye on them. He likes to flirt and is very popular with all the girls at the Magdalan Order specially Rosette who has a small crush on him though he doesn039t see her as anything but a surrogate daughter. He is a very powerful fighter but he is very mysterious and hides many secrets. He seems to have been in love with Magdalene and still remembers her fondly. He is determined to keep fighting his enemies until the day he dies no matter what the consequences to himself are.