ウィリアム, Willy
A flamboyant playwright whose works have not been wellreceived by audiences. Hes nicknamed quotWillyquot by his actors and stagehands although he often nags at them he himself is not very punctual at completing his scripts. The character itself is a caricature of William Shakespeare and there are several allusions to the work of his namesake in his own plays. His mother is the prestigious noblewoman Ariel leader of the Farnese Clan. He was instrumental for building public awareness to the Red Whirlwinds revival as he authored and mentored the resistance members to reenact Juliets story. The audience gained empathy for her plight and were more than willing to join her because of it. Williams theater also serves as home and hideout for Juliet and her companions according to him one of the reasons why he accepted this task was his wish to write a wonderful bloodstained tragedy with the Capulets as a part of his inspiration. He also knows that Juliet is deeply and painfully in love calling her quotthe maiden who gave up on lovequot and wants to make a tragedy where both lovers die which not only causes Juliet to tense up but also refers to the play. Years after the conflict has ended he reflects that the lesson he learned through his observations of Juliet and Romeo was truly the joy of love. Source: Wikipedia