Childhood friend of Curio and the more intellectual of the duo. He believes that Juliet is being protected by Neo Verona itself and is himself a ladies man who enjoys teasing the more reserved Curio. He is an expert at archery and other various thrown weapons. Sneaky and sly he managed to contact Tybalt so he could take Juliet to safety when the Montague faction discovered their hideout. He escapes and later joins Curio to rescue Juliet from Montague. Out of all of Juliets comrades he is the one who openly vouches for Romeos love for Juliet. Curio later suspects if Francisco has concealed feelings for Juliet but he dodged the questions by affirming his loyalty to the Capulets. During their later night assault against one of the enemy posts he confesses to having quotfriendsquot with information. Along with Curio he assisted clearing a Romeo path to the crumbling Escalus. Years later he shown again as an active member of Neo Veronas parliament. Source: Wikipedia