Spoiler Warning A close friend of Francisco and a skilled swordsman who had lost the use of his right eye. He is also Juliet's fencing teacher, and according to him, a sword reflects the soul of its owner. His preferred weapons are axes or polearms. His scarred visage originated from protecting a younger rebellious Juliet from receiving punishment from members of the Carabinieri. Though he blames his own foolhardiness for the blow, Juliet's frustration from that time gave birth to her alter ego, The Red Whirlwind. After the Montague raid against the Capulet supporters, he goes into hiding until Juliet is captured. When he and Francisco go to rescue her, he convinces Juliet that her life is worth saving. Later it is hinted in episode 16 that he may have romantic feelings toward Juliet. However, like Francisco, he too helped Romeo reach Juliet in her final moments. After Juliet's sacrifice, he settles down as a grocer of his own vegetable store. (Souce: Wikipedia)