Hailing from a rural community in the Martian countryside Nono is a simple and clumsy girl with a big dream: she wants to be a space pilot. And not just any space pilot but one to rival 039NonoRiri039. Of course dreaming of being a pilot and actually becoming one are two entirely different things as she soon finds out upon reaching the city. Even after landing a somewhat deadend job as a waitress in one of the city039s bars Nono stubbornly holds on to her ideals despite the chiding of her boss and the bar039s regular patrons. Her persistence pays off however when she encounters a real space pilot in the person of Lal039C Mellk Mal member of the elite Fraternity and current pilot of Buster Machine DixNeuf. It is through Lal039C whom she impulsively dubs her Oneacutesama or big sister that Nono finally finds the means to make her dreams a reality. Source: Wikipedia