レイヴン, Reify
Also known as Reify Raven is the emotionless bodyguard of Shira. Despite his modern suit he often uses a sword as his weapon. Like Kaito his right eye is covered by an eyepatch but it is soon revealed that unlike Kaito he really is missing his right eye. Raven used to be a slave in the Knockma palace his eyes sealed due to their power and Kaito often mocks him. When Kaito was discovered sleeping with the queen Raven was the only one who spoke the truth saying it was the Queen who seduced Kaito and not the other way around. Raven and Kaito were thrown into the desert and when they were attacked by a monster the seal over his eyes were broken. In fact the eyes could transport things to other dimensions and is a sign of the proud clan of Gyprons who guard the Demon Door. His fiancee Canary was seduced by Kaito and quickly fell to her deathbed in an attempt to save her Raven gave Kaito one of his eyes as the latter demanded but Kaito quickly fled with it. Afterwards Raven fell under the control of Shira Gotoh and has been with her ever since. from Wikipedia