Saeko Nogami

野上冴子, Hélène Lamberti, Selene
She is a pretty detective with the Tokyo police who often uses the City Hunter team to do her job for her. She keeps promising to pay back Ryou with quotmokkoriquot sex but always manages to get out of it. Despite her deceptive tendencies she and Ryo have a considerable history together and were in a love triangle with Ryo and Hideyuki Makimura Saeko039s father is the chief of police so she has some leeway in how she does her job. But off the job her father puts pressure on her to get married. In the spinoff Angel Heart Saeko was the chief of police who used to date Hideyuki Makimura and was implied to be waiting for Hideyuki039s proposal. In later chapters Saeko039s hidden dream was to have a normal family with Ryo implying her shift in romantic interest.