Keiichirou Akizuki


Being a Choshu clan member, Kusaka Touma wants Japan to develop good relations with foreign nations. To achieve this, he attempts to learn English behind his clan's back.Therefore Akizuki Keiichirou decides to become Kusaka's teacher, but their relationship soon grows into something stronger, despite the fact that Akizuki works for Kusaka's clan's enemy, the Tokugawa bakufu. He has a mild and gentle character which even doesn't let him draw his sword altough his life is in danger. Despite being a proud man,Akizuki doesn't commit suicide because of his love for Kusaka. Kusaka hides him in a cottage near his house and takes care of him tough he's depressed.Because of Akizuki's attempts to commit suicide,Kusaka always keep an eye of him and continue loving him passionately.