Haruka Kaminogi

上乃木 ハルカ, Dragon Torque

In the present timespace, Haruka is one of the protagonists of the anime. In this timespace, she was a typical elementary school student before a ghost hunting trip led by Miho led her to meet Karasu for what she believed to be the first time, although she had previously seen him on a church steeple. Initially unaware of her status as the Dragon Torque, Haruka realized this when she was threatened by Atori, activating her powers. She was attacked several times by the Dragon Knights, but was rescued by an angered, almost crazed Karasu. The two of them were whisked back to La'cryma, where Karasu was tortured and Haruka was imprisoned. She was horrified to find that that timespace's Earth is a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and that the scientist presiding over her was her former best friend.

When Shangri-la attacked, Haruka was almost drowned to harness her powers, but she was rescued by an exhausted Karasu, who returned her to earth. With his help, she continued to evade the remaining Dragon Knights, but later willingly went with Noein if he spared Yū and Karasu. Haruka was horrified to find that Noein is yet another version of Yū, who still loves and longs for her in a very warped, insane manner. Along with Yū, she denies that Noein is the same as Yū or Karasu, and destroys his power. She and Yū return to Earth together, after Karasu promises her that she'll see him again – in fifteen years, when Yū is grown. Some months later, we see that Haruka is anticipating Yū's return on vacation, and that she regularly emails him. But she glances over at the church steeple, remembering Karasu.

Haruka has a deep, almost supernatural bond with the Yūs from both Earth and La'cryma. Both of them can apparently hear her when she is in distress, even when she is in another timespace. Yū is initially angry that Haruka is so fond of the blunt, tormented Karasu, unaware that this is because both of them are her beloved Yū, and that she loves them in the same way. [Wikipedia]