Yuu Gotou

後藤 ユウ
In the present timespace he is Harukas classmate and one of the protagonists of the anime. He unlike other students is being forced by his mother to go to cram school in order to pass a provincial enrollment test and go to a Tokyo junior high. As a result he has little time for anything but studying. He initially tries to run away with disastrous results and later has a blowup with his mother. Once the pressure is relieved he realizes that he needs to take the exams because he has no special talents. Y initially doesnt want anything to do with Lacryma and the Dragon Knights because of Karasus contempt for him and Atoris crazed behavior. But he reluctantly gets involved eventually teaming up with Karasu to save all timespaces and Haruka from Noein. When confronted by the monstrous version of himself he disowns Noein and destroys his power. Source: Wikipedia