Mamoru Sakimori

防人衛, Captain Bravo
Better known as Captain Bravo in the series. He is Tokikos commander who dresses in an outfit that covers every inch of his body except for his eyes. Though Tokiko assumed this was to protect his identity Bravo actually has no qualms with showing his real appearance when he acts as Kazukis dorm supervisor. He claims that he doesnt use his real name because its cooler that way Thats what Kazuki thought the reason was or more like he thinks its cool the truth being he abandoned the name after his first and last mission in the Showusei Team who only managed to save Tokiko. He acts as a father figure for Kazuki. During the Muto assassination arc he tried to kill Kazuki up to a point where he threw him off a cliff but he later defends Kazuki when Kazuki defeats him. He was critically injured by Hiwatari when he gave up his Silver Skin to cover up Kazuki and Tokiko from getting killed by Hiwataris Blaze of Glory. Bravo remained conscious and controlled Silver Skin to prevent both Hiwatari and Kazuki from harming each other until Showusei appeared and stopped both raging warriors. True to his name the captain has a tendency to say Bravo when applauding someone. He claims that he has 13 different attacks regardless of identity such as MeteorBravo Kick and CharmingBravo Kiss Source: Wikipedia