A powerful native who lives at the base of Karin Tower with his son Upa. He is muscular, tall, and a man of few words.

Shortly after befriending Son Goku, he fends off Captain Yellow's men by himself, but he is later speared by Tao Pai Pai, who is looking for Goku, and killed. Goku avenges him by taking training from Karin and defeating Tao Pai Pai himself. When Shenlong is summoned again, Goku's wish is that Bora be brought back to life. In his next appearance, he assists Goku once more by throwing Yajirobe (with an injured Goku on his back) up Karin Tower. Bora is seen with his son (and several other natives) in the first and last couple episodes of Dragon Ball Z when the Z Warriors go to Kami's Lookout for training against the Saiyans and when he gives energy to Goku for his Genki Dama. He also briefly appears in the GT episode "Piccolo's Decision" when Goku is with Upa. Bora's appearance and customs are based upon the stereotypical Native American.