Tokio Shimura

Age: 16 Birthday: April 22th Star sign: Taurus Blood typ: 0 Height: 175m Weight: 64kg Likes: Keito Ramen He has a favorite pub where he buys them Anime Being alone Dislikes: people who try to look into his eys people who ask many questions people who follow him until his house annoying things Tokio is the 21th leader of the KeitoProtectClan Shimura and has in his left red eye the Youma Catoblepas. Probably because of the power of this eye 1. The time is stopped for every thing he looks at amp 2. the quotDead bringing Eyequot stops the lifetime of a creature which sees his look Catoblepas look contains a very strong poison and everyone who looks into it at least 5 sec. will die he hates it to look in someone039s eyes for example when Miiko tried to look into his eyes. Normally normal viewcontact isn039t deadly for someone as long as Catoblepas isn039t there but since he became leader with 10 years he039s a bit hypersensitive. Tokio can039t handle with other persons and is confused when normal people get involved with Youma. Even if he helps them