Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV

カイゼル・デ・エンペラーナ・ベルゼバブ4世, Baby Beel
The son of the Devil King. He is very attached to Oga clinging with a vicelike grip to Ogas back. When he is agitated or sees blood he will spontaneously electrocute anyone within his vicinity. Beelzebubs characteristic cry is Daabuu and he is always naked with a pacifier in his mouth. Baby Beel is very easily impressed especially by strong people since he himself is still weak and loses to other babies as well as to cats. On the other hand he is not the smartest one out there and tries to force his way through the most simple problems. It is also shown that he is afraid of insects. He often displays a fondness for things that might frighten normal babies such as violence exposed muscle tissue on an anatomy model heavy metal music and demonic toys.