Omi Tsukiyono

月夜野臣, Bombay, Mamoru Takatori, Persian
Name: Takatori Mamoru aka Tsukiyono Omi Codename: Bombay Age: 17 Birthday: February 29th Place of birth: Japan Family: The Takatori clan Height: 163 m Bloodtype: 0 Likes: His computer the other Weiss guys Dislikes: Foolish adults and celery Image flower: Freesia Weapon: Arrows bow gun and darts Enemy: Nagi Naoe and Tot Seiyuu: Hiro Yuki A cheerful and energetic high school student who shrewdly parlays his popularity into successful salesmanship. While he is the youngest of the various individual personalities of Weiszlig he is the collected one who keeps things in order. He is good at working with computers. He once was kidnapped on that occasion he was deserted by his father and that wounded his heart. Perhaps from shock he has no memory of that time. quotNever forgive the bad ones.quot Source: Mellow Candle